Monday, November 30, 2009


Hi Everybody,

When I started doing this inner work I had this feeling that something had not been honored in me? I have known Mary for many years and my first introduction to her amazing work was through her mapping technique. One mapping session opened me up to all kinds of things that I knew would be emotional work if I were to begin. It took me a while to really commit to the process but after a few events in my life I knew it was time. I knew deep down in the very core of me that I had to address the issues in my life that were holding me back from being completely myself in the world. My life had started to unravel, in my mid 40’s I was not satisfied with many aspects about it, and there was this feeling that something had not been honored in me?

This inner child work has been an amazing journey of recovery and healing which allows a person to actually listen and heal the child within.

Before Mary did this work with me it was difficult for me to follow-through on assignments that would take me forward in my life. But now I have been honoring myself by completing tasks that are important for my growth as a woman, as a business woman, even as a wife. None of those things would have been possible without Mary capably guiding me on my path.

As part of my journey to being seen and being heard I set a goal to complete my Professional Coaching Certification and as of December I did! Through working with Mary I started taking the steps I needed to really ‘hear’ my own inner voice and in so doing was able to begin a new journey of self discovery and actually follow-through on steps to reach the goals I am setting for myself. I even joined my local toastmasters group…..aghhhhh scared a little, but excited to… I have to give my ice breaker speech in a month… front of about 30 people… can’t imagine how I feel….anywhooooooooooo this is what I wanted to say…

I noticed after I did this inner child work with Mary that I was in a much more centered place and felt able to take on the assignments and the classes needed to move forward. From July to the beginning of November I had many many classes to get through and quite a few assignments all culminating with a research paper. The paper quite frankly terrified me but I decided I was up for the task I went to work to set my timetable to get the classes schedules and the assignments completed by the date required. I had taken quite a few classes a couple of years ago, and have always been drawn to the idea of helping kids between the ages of 13-25….go figure the incest took place beginning for me when I was 13/4 until I left home when I was just 20 years old. Mary showed me ‘how to’ value myself and give myself credit and gave me the tools which allowed me to go inside and rescue that little girl that I was, that teenager that I was and that young woman that I was. Having basically raised myself she gave me permission to own that reality and to trust in my experiences and to give my young self the respect that she had long deserved. So I guess it makes sense that I want to help even one person that could possibly be feeling the feeling I had at these ages.

I did at one point dip into old habits and frankly got a little intimidated by what I felt I didn’t know, however after having a few mini sessions with Mary I came to the realization that this was my dream and I needed to honor that dream so I kept moving forward.

I wrote a research paper on a subject matter that intrigued me. How does using affirmations and visualizations help a person to move forward using the scientific data available I wrote about a well know physiological model. I would be glad to share the paper in case anyone is interested in it. I know that knowing that there is a scientific basis for all this helps me to implement the tools more readily, there may be more people out there like me that this could help in that understanding. I know that one of the reasons I took on this subject matter was because Mary uses these tools and techniques in order to help others grow and become truly who they are meant to be. I am aware that we come into this world with our gifts and that many of us never get to realize those gifts and experience what they are for ourselves let alone be able to share them with the world, which I think, is very sad.

Not only have I completed my coaching certification but I have started working as a coach and have and am attracting more clients that I really enjoy working with. Guess what? They value me and the service I offer to them. I’m charging a reasonable fee for my experience and feel very confident that I will go further in my chosen field.

This time last year the very idea that someone would actually pay me for something that I do so naturally was inconceivable to me, but now I feel like it’s possible. I know too, that the effort I put into the classes and into the assignments have a direct result on my confidence and in my knowledge of coaching, but intuitively I knew that this was always my calling, I just didn’t have a clue how it was going to show up for me.!!!!

Tar—arrrrr!!!! Here it is, you put the vision out there and it will manifest, not that it isn’t work but it is work that is a passion, a whole different ball game than doing something to make money and pay the bills, although this has to be honored to….

We all have to pay our way………….
I understand that my effort in building my business is necessary as I say to one of my clients who does not enjoy being part of building a good foundation-it is a must for you to be apart of growing your business. As with anything that you love you have to tend to it and give it your attention, your love and attention will reward you in many more ways than you can imagine as you more forward.

The more we go inside and recover ourselves the more we are able to honor ourselves thus we can share, helping this world be better. As we do better, we emanate that into the world. Mary’s work helping people do that is really important. I wish everybody could experience the joy of discovering oneself; Mary is an important element in that journey not to be missed. I hope everyone gives themselves this experience for it is invaluable.

In closing I want to thank you Mary. You really are a treasure and thank god you did the work on yourself, enabling you to share your gifts with us. Imagine not having you doing this work out there in the world; that would be a tragedy I believe.

I know that my Nan would be proud!

Talk later,

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience of inner child work. Would love to read your research paper on visualizations and affirmations. My email address is Many thanks in anticipation.